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Toll free: 1(800)560-2128

TWN Wi-Power High Speed Internet Coming to Your Area Soon! 


Please return completed and signed forms to the office by mail, fax, or e-mail. Because e-mail transmission may not be secure, we strongly advise against e-mailing bank, debit, or credit card information. By your use of email, we assume you agree to our transmission of information by e-mail, including confidential or privileged information.

Coleman County Electric Cooperative
PO Box 860
Coleman, TX 76834

Fax: (325)625-4600
E-mail (unless otherwise noted):

Available forms:


Looking for a membership application?
Please e-mail CoriAnn Carrillo to request the proper paperwork to become a member. For a quicker response and to ensure you receive the proper documents, please cite in the e-mail what we will be servicing (residence, oil well, irrigation pivot, etc.). 



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